Plot Theft, Awsome 5!

"Plot Theft, Awesome 5" or PTA5, to give it its short name, is the first in a new series of "choose your own adventure" type games. In it you play Derek, a hardened gamer who spends just a little to long playing the latest open world crime fest and starts to think he is one of the "Goodfellas". Guide him on his adventures as he tried to avoid getting arrested, beaten up and killed by people a lot more competent at bad deeds than he is. Can he pull off the bank heist of his dreams? Can he heck!

(Eventually) featuring achievements, and leader boards, PTA5 is unique in that each scene is lovingly plotted and accompanied by a photo to set the tone.  The flexibility (and randomness) of the engine means you may never play the game the same way twice.


PTA5 has been two years in the making but (if all goes to plan) only two months in development. Inspired by attending the Develop Games Conference in Brighton in 2013 the plan is to get the story plotted and implemented and the game submitted and in the store in 6 weeks.   

The Future

If all goes well and the game is a success then it would be good to use the engine for some more games.  If you have some "Interactive Fiction" you would like to tell or something you can do in the way of artwork then get in touch.  Only rules are no dungeons or space marines. ;)

Small Print

This games is in no way related to Rockstar Games, their Grand Theft Auto (or GTA) series or any other related ITunes search term.