Tag Cloud News Apps

Technology News, Games News and Indie Rock News are both one stop shops for all your video game/music news and gossip. Instead of ploughing your way through a load of RSS feeds, they give you a tag cloud of whatever is happening. That means a big list of things where the more popular a thing is, the more prominent it is. At a glance you can see what is hot and what is not. then, just click that particular tag to see all the stories that relate to it.


Make your favourite tags more visible by clicking the "Like" button. This hilights them so they stand out more prominently. Lots of similar stories? Click a button to mark them all as read. A tag will appear grey if there are no new stories to read. To update it at any time, simply give it a shake. The data on the server is only updated every half hour.

Windows Phone

A couple are now available on Windows Phone 8+. These are identical to the iOS versions except that you can pin the app or individual tags to the start screen. So you can see whats new without having to open the app.

Finally, they look a bit like the Matrix and most importantly, They are FREE!!!!!!