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Star Date 2014 and the Nurbs has just come back on line. While upgrading my skillset and converting this site from ASP to MVC, I took the oppertunity to get the old Nurbs site working again. I hadn't seen it for several years and frankly, I was surprised just how good it was. I mean, I have dabbled with music, painting, drawing and any other sort of artistic endeavour you could think of and nothing I have done topped this.

Skip back 10 years and it is 2004. Not sure why, but I brought a couple of copies of "3D World Magazine" and got the 3D bug for a while. It came with a cheap/old version of "Cinema 4D" which was enough to get started. This was the era of dialups and geocities and I suppose I thought websites were beyond me. I really wish I had kept it going.

Skip back about 10 years before that and I had just started reading the "Guardian" newspaper. The only real reason I chose that over the others was that it ran "Bloom County" on its funnies page. It appealed to me on so many levels and really tickled my funny bone. It had great characters, long story arcs and a decent gag every day. The "Billy and the Boingers" storyline is one of my all time favourite comic stories. Ack!


It has been said that he is a bit of a square. In shape and in character.


Not the sharpest cyclinder on the planet, but then again cylinders don't really have sharp pointy edges, unlike some people ...


Nuff said.