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109 Carlos Ezquerra RIP The creator of such classics as Judge Dredd.
108 Brexit 1 We are not the only ones with foolish idea.
107 Royal Wedding Tie-In Its a royal wedding in a weeks time but we dont want to dwell on that. The comic is taking a change
106 The Hole Story 11 That's the end of this story arc.
105 The Hole Story 10 Lets start wrapping things up in a vaguely gothic style ..;.
104 The Hole Story 9 Can you dig it?
103 The Hole Story 8 You try finding something funny about the London Underground?
102 The Hole Story 7 For some reason it all gone a bit "Game of Thrones" for this episode. Don't sak me why. It just se
101 The Hole Story 6 For those who don't know about CrossRail, it is certainly
100 We have hit 100!!! Not bad going really.
99 The Hole Story 5 If there is zero visibility, then what's the difference?
98 The Hole Story 4 What will they find? Who knows? Me hopefully.
97 The Hole Story 3 I see this current story as a mix of typographic and illustrated panels. Probably go back to 3D aft
96 The Hole Story 2 The plot (and the hole) deepens
95 The Hole Story 1 I will admit I am doing a graphic design course at the moment, so the comic is becoming an outlet fo
94 Like ... really deep A slightly more freehand cartoon drawn in Illustrator.
93 Democrazy 2 More of the same.
92 Democrazy 1 Having a play with Adobe Illustrator as its a bit easier to use than 3DS-Max. This is a very rough
91 History of Pop Music #1 The hidden storied behind some recent pop songs. Tunes by Katy Perry, Rhianna, Pharrell Williams, t
90 Strong and Stable Well, I suppose I had to do a Brexit joke eventually. So many to choose from.
89 Donald Dump 2 As the simpsons said, there will be Hell Toupee.
88 Donald Dump 1 It is like watching a car crash. You know it is going to end badly but you can't take your eyes off
87 The Journey 11 I had this idea of a field of milk bottles stretching off into the horizon. However, in practice th
86 A Little Bit of Politics There* And of course the answer is 3. It should really be U-KIP for the joke to work , but hey. More like
85 The Journey 10 You get the gist that they are walking along and ten minutes later they go past the same spot? I su
84 The Journey 9 Do we live in a connected world or what?
83 The Journey 8 Is "Reality" going to converge with Reality TV? If you don't like the way life is going, get a new
82 The Journey 7 Yep, ten years ago none of this stuff existed. Mobile phones were big clunky things with buttons an
81 The Journey 6 I have gone for a plain textured sky now and bumped up the rendering detail. Can you tell the diffe
80 The Journey 5 That was hard work. Scripted it, blocked it out, modelled it, rendered it and photoshopped it. The
79 The Journey 4 It moves! My .gif to you dear readers.
78 The Journey 3 Funnily enough, he has as well. Despite being dead. Is Jimmy Saville the British Michael Jackson?
77 Sketchbook #1 First in an occasional series of "behind the scenes" episodes. This one isn't part of the strip but
76 The Journey 2 A simple use of different
75 North of the Border A slightly late Scottish Referendum gag.
74 The Journey 1 Spent a couple of days trying to work out why the world was stopping just beyond the first box. Som
73 Starting Over 3 A lot can happen in ten years. I have been working on the models a bit. Getting a few more mouth s
72 Starting Over 2 It's a bit like when they replace an actor in a sit-com or soap opera.
71 Starting Over 1 Ten years later and after some 3D Max training, I am ready to brings the Nurbs back to life. Things
70 10 years Later After 10 years away, the Nurbs are back!
69 Film 2004 - 3 Last of the old ones is a T2 send up...
68 Film 2004 - 2 The Matrix parody.
67 Film 2004 - 1
66 Straight to Hell 7
65 Straight to Hell 6
64 Straight to Hell 5
63 Straight to Hell 4
62 Straight to Hell 3
61 Straight to Hell 2
60 Straight to Hell 1
59 Heavens Gate 2
58 Heavens Gate 1
57 Upstairs, Downstairs 7
56 Upstairs, Downstairs 6
55 Upstairs, Downstairs 5
54 Upstairs, Downstairs 4
53 Upstairs, Downstairs 3
52 Upstairs, Downstairs 2
51 Upstairs, Downstairs 1
50 The headlines
49 The mistake
48 The price to pay
47 The partial success
46 The second attempt
45 The first attempt
44 News flash
43 The solution
42 The acceptance
41 The realization
40 The result
39 The action
38 The thought
37 Just Some Pictures
36 Twelfth day of Xmas
35 Eleventh day of Xmas
34 Tenth day of Xmas
33 Ninth day of Xmas
32 Eighth day of Xmas
31 Seventh day of Xmas
30 Sixth day of Xmas
29 Fifth day of Xmas
28 Fourth day of Xmas
27 Third day of Xmas
26 Second day of Xmas
25 Its about Rugby
24 Quackers
23 First day of Xmas
22 Womens (or everyones) problems ?
21 Indescretion - 3
20 Indescretion - 2
19 Indescretion - 1
18 Gratuitous nudity
17 Bricks and mortar
16 The Twilight Zone
15 Crash, Bang, Wallop!
14 Daydreaming
13 Its 7.45 and time for ...
12 Conference - 3
11 Conference - 2
10 Conference - 1
9 Outlook is gloomy
8 That time of year
7 Top ten
6 Boom, boom
5 Token drugs reference
4 Cause or effect?
3 Did you know ...
2 Introductions
1 In the beginning ....