This is app that allows you to read around 100 free “web comics” These are comics that are released online as opposed to printed. This is my most popular app.

Blockchain Explorer


This is a Bitcoin related app that allows you to explore the blockchain. See how coins are sent from one address to another and find out what makes up a transaction. You start by entering the id of the address, block or transaction you are interested in. you an eityher enter this as text or by scanning a QR code.

Plot Theft Awesome 5

PTAV logo

A “choose your own path” adventure game based vveerryy loosely on GTA5. It runs on a very sophisticated engine that contains its own little programming language. This means you can implement fighting, gambling and a certain amount of randomness.

Mahjong Revolutions


A sequel to MatchuM, my first game. It is basically Mah Jong but with a modern look. None of that far eastern vibe. It also has a few new rules.