WebcomiX is a new iPhone/iPad app for reading webcomics. Where apps like ComiXology are bringing paper comics to a new generation, WebcomiX will try and bring webcomics to the masses as well.

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One of the main features of the app is that when you view a comic, you have an option of where you want to start reading from. You can either start at the latest episode or you can start where you left off. That means if you only check in on a daily comic once a week, you can now read it in the order the episodes came out in, and not backwards from the latest. This works with all the comics we feature.

WebcomiX doesn't do any screen scraping or anything like that.  The comics are presented as they would be in your browser.  This includes their adverts as comics have got to make a living as well. 

Currently the app comes ready loaded with a bunch of comics.  This is because the stuff that goes on behind the scenes is too complicated to allow the user to subscribe to any comic they want. All these comic have been tested and are known to work with the app.

All Comics Screen

To start with we have the "All Comics" screen. This lists all the comics we do and allows you to read them at the tap of a button. You can sort the list alphabetically or by genre.

Library Screen

Then there is the "Library" screen. This is where you can list your favourite comics for easy access. The comic is badged with a "New" if there are newer episodes since you last read it. You can also view a chart of the most popular comics amongs our users.

Reading Screen

Finally there is the reading screen. This comes with next/previous/first/last/random comic and goto buttons for navigating the strip. You use these rather than the ones in the actual comic. You can hide the title/toolbar by touching the screen for a second and by default the iPhone now zooms into the comic for a better view. You can also view it in landscape or portrait. Alt text is also accessible where applicable.


Currently we provide the following comics