While on a training course in London, someone showed us an iPhone 2. Even then it was obvious that this was the future of computing. My white MacBook with broken track pad was all packed and ready to ship to an eBay purchaser when I changed my mind and decided to have a go at app writing. I currently have six apps in the Apple app store (and two in the Windows phone store). I set myself the challenge of writing one a year. No more, no less.


Another interest of mine is Web Comics and It has always annoyed me that there were no decent reader apps out there. So I had to write my own.

Alt Music News

All about the "alternative" music scene, broken down by band and event.

Video Games News

What is happening in video games, broken down by different games and shows.

News for Star Wars

What's new in Star Wars broken down by character and film.


The first app I wrote was a simple "coloured squares" game called MatchuM.

Mah Jong Revolutions

This is a proper sequel to Matchum written using Apples SpriteKit.


This was the blatant attempt to cash in on the launch of GTA5.

Blockchain Explorer

This is a Bitcoin Blockchain explorer. It lets you examine addresses, transactions, blocks, etc.